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CEO Fraud, Online Safety on AM1280 The Patriot with Brad Carlson, Sunday, November 26, 2023

Here is my cyber-safety checklist. I have an hour long presentation with details on all these. Or opt in to get these via email.

  • Email hygiene.
  • Updates; keep your devices updated.
  • Authentication; make sure the other party is who they claim to be.
  • Trust; learn how trust over the internet works.
  • Password management; passphrases beat complex passwords.
  • Backups; keep them separate from your live data so ransomware can’t find them.
  • Social media; don’t fall victim to public indoctrination, grooming, or bullying.
  • Mobility; your phone is a computer in hostile territory.
  • Tech Tools; antivirus, inbound spam and outbound filters are helpful, but…
  • Awareness; there will never be any substitute for old-fashioned human awareness.
  • Care and share to be prepared; we all win when we learn from each others’ mistakes.
  • Read three great books; enjoy the fiction, use the education.

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