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Holes 4 Heroes 2022, Saturday, Feb. 12, 2022

Founded in 2004, Fishing for Life has spent more than a decade serving youth, families, veterans & communities through fishing and outdoor programs. Holes 4 Heroes is an annual ice fishing tournament that especially serves US military families. For 2022, after two years of COVID, we were all back on top of Medicine Lake. I tell people this is the coolest event in the USA, and that was more true than ever this year, with a temperature range that day of -5 F to +4 F.

But ve know how ta keep varm here in Minnesota, don’t ‘cha know. Ya suure, you betcha. (Okay, full disclosure – if it’s this cold next year, I’ll need to wear three or four pairs of socks inside my boots. Two wasn’t enough.)

Thanks to Nextera Telecom for bringing 40 mb of wireless internet service out on top of a frozen lake. And to all the sponsors for making all this possible.

Here is the Facebook livestream of the whole event, from noon until around 4:30 pm. Check out Sarah Lloyd’s National Anthem around the 20 minute mark. Sarah knocked it out of the park. And around the 29 minute mark (4:02:10 from the end), my 4th-grade youngest grandson, Zeke, belted out the US Pledge of Allegiance. Another highlight starts with 52:34 left until the end and lasts only a couple minutes, when Zeke rushed to the weigh-in station carrying a 24 inch Northern. Oh, ya, suure, ve’ve heard dem fish stories before, don’t ‘cha know. Okay, fair enough. But this time, it’s on video.

Setup Sneak Peak

My 14 year old oldest grandson, Elijah, interviewed a few people on top of the ice.

Left to right – Kyle Alsterlund, Elijah Scott, and National Anthem singer, Sarah Lloyd
Karen Pavlicin and Sarah Lloyd in a warm trailer
Welcome to Holes 4 Heroes 2022!
Thanks to Nextera Telecom for 40 mb of great internet service. The other radio is on top of one of those buildings in the distance.
Elijah and Kyle warm up near the propane heater in the radio tent. Thanks to AM1280 The Patriot and Bob 106FM for broadcasting on top of the ice.
Thanks to Don Rice of Rice Sound for a great sound system.
Mike “Cold Front” Kurre, keeping it lively.

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