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WCCO AM 830 with Cory Hepola, Monday, Oct. 25, 2021; My Exchange Server Hacked!

It was a legacy from the Microsoft Exchange Hafnium vulnerability, made public in March, 2021. Like the rest of the world, I read about it in the news. I updated my email server and figured that would be the end of it. After all, aren’t there bigger fish in the ocean than me? (How many times have I heard that?)

More than six months later, Sunday evening, Oct. 24, 2021, the antimalware service on my Exchange server warned me about a malicious DLL. I tried to delete it – but couldn’t find it. I woke up Monday, October 25, to a flood of NDRs (non-delivery reports) from lots of “noreply” email addresses I recognized.

A few people emailed, asking what I meant with the “click here” links they received from me. A few others called.

I was scheduled to go on WCCO Radio that morning to talk about other peoples’ cybersecurity problems, when Dave from the station sent a text with a picture. “Got this email from your account this AM and Cory got a similar one. Did Batman get hacked?”

Well, yeah. I did. And then somebody sent a bazilion emails in my name with fake “click here” links. And that’s what we talked about Monday morning.

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