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Substance Abuse

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Substance abuse picture courtesy of Maddie Canine Scott

Social isolation due to a global pandemic sets up ideal conditions for substance abuse. After I posted Living with COVID-19 and Working From Home, a few people from different treatment centers asked me to share links about their services. But even without the pandemic, we need treatment centers.

I’m happy to share these links, even if I am neither qualified or competent to endorse them, because I lived with substance abuse for a long time. Alcohol addiction killed my stepdad in October, 1983. It turned my mom’s brain to mush and killed her in 2007.

One day, I’ll write a memoir about how God kept me alive. In the meantime, read about my mom here. And my biological dad here. And as long as you’re here, also check out my novels.

If you or somebody you know has a substance abuse problem, see below and get help. If you or somebody you know is fighting a general mental health problem, try this page. No matter what, choose to live.

A Few Substance Abuse Resources

I met Cammy Oren with Metro Hope Ministries after an AM1280 The Patriot radio appearance. Metro Hope Ministries is a residential, Christ-centered, drug and alcohol recovery program serving mothers and their children, women, and men right here in the Minneapolis area. Programs focus on healing and hope for the whole family. Most residents have exhausted their support systems, lost their homes and are unable to support themselves or their families. But since 1926, thousands of men, women and children in our programs have encountered Jesus and the hope He gives.

Alexa Montgomery asked me to add a link to the Ambrosia Treatment Center in Florida.

Alicia Rivero, a Community Relations Specialist at Free by the Sea asked me to post this link to resources and treatments available for someone struggling with substance abuse and how they can find long-term solutions.

Allison Brown asked me to add a link to Golden Gate Recovery.

Brian Douglas asked me to post a link to “Breaking the Cycle: Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment for Lasting Recovery from Carrara Treatment.

Emilio Bassler offered this advice about Narcan:

Accidental overdose is the #1 cause of death for people aged 18-45 in the United States.

Narcan is a nasal spray that can reverse an opioid overdose, saving the person’s life.  Our group of volunteers has compiled a website that tracks organizations giving out free and discount Narcan. Eventually this life saving medication will be as easy to find as a fire extinguisher, but at the moment, it’s only gradually becoming available, and often expensive at drugstores, etc.

Emilio Bassler via my website contact form, August 8.2023. Email for more information.

Evelyn Leon asked me to post links to Orlando Treatment Solutions and Telstone IOP.

Jake Smith asked me to post a link to TN Detox Center; find expert care at our welcoming Nashville, TN detox facility.

Jordan Knight from Addiction Center asked me to post this link for depression and alcohol abuse treatment.

Nicole Castillero asked me to post a link to this great article about substance abuse and anxiety disorders from the Boca Recovery Center.

Sam Huss from Rehab Spot asked me to post a link to substance abuse rehab resources.

Sara Cody from ZocDoc asked me to post a link to this article: “How Drugs and Alcohol Affects Oral Health.”

Sarah Palmer and her daughter, Payton, worked on a school project and used resources on this page as references. They asked me to post a link to A Parent’s Guide to Talking to Children About Drugs and Alcohol. Sarah and a few neighbors came up with a nifty idea they call their home school learning club to stay involved in their children’s education. Thanks Sarah, Payton, and the other parents and students in your group!

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Ashley Johnson asked me to post these links.

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Dominique Legget asked me to post these links.

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Jacob Biddulph asked me to post these links.

Jacob’s other email address is

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Natalie O’hare asked me to post these links.

  • Addiction Intervention: Drug and alcohol interventions aren’t as scary as they seem – they are about changing the way family members think and react while urging those struggling with addiction to seek professional help.
  • Addiction Rehab Centers: Drug recovery program in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Coastal Detox: Holistic care and clinical therapy to provide comprehensive drug and alcohol detox services that treat the whole person.
  • The Discovery Institute: Providing a range of cutting-edge treatment modalities and individualized treatment plans for all of our clients and their families.
  • Grace Land Recovery: Helps individuals achieve sobriety by getting to the root of their addiction issues.
  • Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare: Offers multiple tracks grounded in evidence-based practices of substance use disorder.
  • Harmony Place: We commit to using the most effective evidence-based approaches, maximized individual therapy sessions, and an environment that promotes healing and wellness.
  • Inner Bonding: a 6-step spiritually based therapeutic modality that heals shame, and the resulting self-abandonment, which is often the root cause of anxiety, stress, depression, low self-worth, addictions and relationship problems.
  • Intrepid Recovery a West Palm Beach addiction treatment facility where you can find hope and healing.
  • Little Creek Recovery: Nestled in the woods of Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania.
  • Live Free Recovery: Helping men and women recover from chronic drug and alcohol addiction through the multiple pathways to recovery, the 12- steps, and a Medicated Assisted Treatment philosophy.
  • North Jersey Recovery:  We recognize and treat addiction as a three-fold disease that manifests in physical, spiritual, and mental ways.
  • Recovery services for teens: Learn how teens, young adults, and addiction tie together, and how you can help your child if they’re struggling.
  • Rock Recovery Center: We offer a unique and effective approach to drug and alcohol treatment, combined with adventure-based activities.
  • Sana Lake Recovery Center: Provides addiction and mental health treatment in Missouri.

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After I posted “Internet Lies, Online Grooming, and Bullying,” Nomhle Mcunu contacted me with articles from the substance abuse treatment centers below about understanding depression and how bullying can lead to addiction in kids.

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