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WCCO AM 830 with Cory Hepola, Thursday, Jan. 27, 2022; Fake QR Codes. And More

It seems attackers are phone phishing with fake QR codes. What a great scam. Point your cell phone camera to a fake QR code and zip off to a malicious website. I don’t know why this attack took so long to get popular.

Wanna rob friends and family with your own fake QR code? A quick search found this site. And this one.

Fake QR codes – yet another phishing variant. And speaking of phishing – a pro tip. If you want to fool people who speak English as a native language, invest the time to make your pitch to look like it came from somebody who speaks English as a native language. Enjoy my phishy email collection.

And then the mad scientist made an appearance. I like it when Cory laughs. Who says cybersecurity is boring?

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