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Week 3 Day 3: What’s good about social media, from the bald cybersecurity pro

What’s good about social media is pretty much the same as what’s bad about social media. Just like I can send garbage around the world in a few seconds, I can also send good stuff around the world in a few seconds.

It’s true that social media companies make money from the content I feed them. It’s also true that we’re all social media raw material, not customers. But it’s also true I can use this platform to record videos and put together the highest quality marketing campaigns I know how to do around all the content I produce for my books. And I can connect with friends around the world. My niece and I go back and forth on Facebook all the time. And I’ve made some author friends I’ll treasure forever.

As promised in my shameless plug in the video, here are links to my book pages:

Bulleye Breach: Anatomy of an Electronic Break-In

Virus Bomb