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Morgan James Publishing Red Carpet Event, July 11, 2019

I was honored to be with a great group of authors launching our books at the Morgan James Publishing Red Carpet Event in Nashville, TN. on July 11, 2019. I want to thank Amber for bobbing and weaving as I waved my arms. I am not a doctor – but I suppose could play one if I were trapped in a hijacked corporate jet with a professional assassin.

Here are individual Morgan James author interview clips from that day on the Morgan James Author Support Youtube channel.

Here is the raw video with all the authors that day from Facebook live. There were bandwidth problems in the room, and so portions of it, especially near the end with my stuff, didn’t work. My portion starts near the 54 minute mark. I’m including a link to the whole thing because every one of the authors that day has a great story to tell and it’s worth the hour investment to see the authors with whom I shared a stage.