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Holes 4 Heroes 2021, Saturday, Feb. 20, 2021

Holes 4 Heroes 2021 is in the history books. And wow.

Founded in 2004, Fishing for Life has spent more than a decade serving youth, families, veterans & communities through fishing and outdoor programs. Holes 4 Heroes is an annual ice fishing tournament that especially serves US military families. But this year, a global pandemic and the weather forced the team to push the technology envelope even further than usual. Instead of just on top of Medicine Lake, Holes 4 Heroes 2021 was on top of more than ten lakes across Minnesota, and everyone connected virtually with everyone else over the internet.

Mike “Cold Front” Kurre was this year’s Marathon Man, keeping an upbeat dialog for 3 1/2 hours with anglers on top of lakes across Minnesota. But Mike was just the tip of the spear. Michelle Church of Churchmouse Media produced a live video event that rivals any TV production anywhere. Sara Schrode and Angie Koch worked tirelessly to coordinate Mike’s interview flow. The folks from AM1280 The Patriot and Bob 106 FM found a way to maintain COVID-inspired social distancing while broadcasting their shows from on top of the ice. And, of course, after COVID and thin ice forced us to move, Nextera Telecom came through again with 20 mb of worry-free internet service to a new spot on the west side of Medicine Lake.

Here is my Youtube Holes 4 Heroes 2021 playlist with a few of our tests and insider setup sneak-peaks. Here is a how-to guide for putting on complex a livestream event for less than $100.

Here is the Livestream on Youtube.

Here is the same livestream on the Fishing For Live Facebook page. Thanks to Michelle Church and Streamyard for simulcasting this both to Youtube and Facebook. To watch this on Facebook with all the comments, click the Facebook logo on the lower-right corner after starting the video below.

Here is a sneak peak walking around during Saturday morning setup.

Here are a few still picture highlights.

20 mb of microwave internet service to an office building in the distance behind some cooperative trees in the winter
2019 Miss Minnesota, Kathryn Kueppers gets ready to sing our National Anthem
Marathon Mike “Cold Front” Kurre on the computer and mic with anglers across Minnesota
Angie working on lining up the next group for Mike
Sara and Tom in the production trailer
The nerve center, this year inside a warm trailer
Santa Claus paid a visit this year. Given the recent Minnesota weather, the trip from the North Pole is probably not a big deal.
Yep, big fish swim in Medicine Lake.
It was a long day for one young man.
Zeke caught his first fish! Elijah, Sara, and Angie in the background.

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