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AM1280 The Patriot, From Holes 4 Heroes 2020, Saturday, Feb.1, 2020

Northern Alliance Radio on AM 1280 The Patriot with Mitch Berg and Brad Carlson on top of Medicine Lake in Plymouth, Minnesota. The coolest radio show in the USA at Holes for Heroes 2020. My interview starts around the 19 minute mark.

We talked about writing, Virus Bomb, Bullseye Breach. and some of the characters in my fictional world. And here is the page to sign up for cybersafety tips.

See below for a couple still pictures. And here are Holes 4 Heroes 2020 video highlights.

My selfie about 15 seconds before my interview. I look like a helicopter pilot in this picture, but as everyone who read “Virus Bomb” knows, I’ve never been in an aircraft cockpit.
Brad Carlson and Mitch Berg did the interview.

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