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Microsoft Word Manuscript Tips

Many of my writer friends are new to technology and writing a novel manuscript feels, well, daunting. And so, I made a video about using Microsoft Word to create a manuscript. Hopefully it will take away some of the FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt).

If you need help:

  • navigating around your manuscript as it grows,
  • formatting paragraphs,
  • inserting chapter breaks,
  • managing page numbering,
  • generating and updating a Table of Contents,
  • setting up front matter,
  • formatting special text sections such as emails, text messages, and chats,

then invest about a half-hour with this video. Even better, invest a couple hours to launch a blank Microsoft Word document, use the video as a guide, and create your own shell manuscript template. Run the video for a few seconds, pause, try what it talks about with your manuscript shell, and then repeat.

Invest some time now, learn a few tricks, and then focus on creating your story while the formatting just works.

I realized after I published this video that I needed to tweak the margins with the Greg text message left and Greg text message right styles. Greg text message left needs a right margin about about 4 inches – so those look like a block on the left side. And it might make sense to move the left margin for Greg text message right about half-inch to the left. If you like the concept of setting up MS Word styles like these for showing text messages, fiddle with your margins as appropriate.

If you want a copy of the template I mentioned in the video, grab it from right here and use it to start your manuscript.

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