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Microsoft Cloud Email Attack on AM1280 The Patriot with Brad Carlson, Sunday, Feb. 4, 2024

On Jan. 19, 2024, Microsoft announced that Russians penetrated top Microsoft executives’ email accounts. I had a hunch this story would grow, and it did. The Russians found a temporary test account that Microsoft engineers had left in place. Apparently, this account had permissions to access every mailbox for every email tenant in the Microsoft Cloud. Which means, if Microsoft hosts your email inside its cloud, the Russians have seen it. The lesson? Microsoft said it best in its initial blog post.

We will act immediately to apply our current security standards to Microsoft-owned legacy systems and internal business processes, even when these changes might cause disruption to existing business processes.

From Microsoft Actions Following Attack by Nation State Actor Midnight Blizzard | MSRC Blog | Microsoft Security Response Center

We also talked about producer Spencer’s mom. A fake tech support attack victimized her the other day. Fortunately, she called her financial institutions right away before the scammers had time to drain her accounts.

And I briefly dipped into the I in the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) cybersecurity triad. The ivory-tower term, data integrity violation, covers lots of gut-wrenching consequences in the real world. I hope we’ll get into that in a future appearance.

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