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WCCO radio interview with Roshini Rajkumar, Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017 about Equifax

Here is a link to what we know about the Equifax breach.  I’ll keep it updated with relevant information.

In our interview, we talked about the best thing consumers can do in the wake of the Equifax breach, which is freeze our credit with all the credit reporting agencies.  This makes me mad because these agencies force consumers into a position to go through all this hassle, and then force all of us to trust they’ll execute our wishes properly.  Sometimes, we have to pay to freeze our credit and pay again to unfreeze it when we want to get new credit.  And this after Equifax demonstrated incompetence after exposing Social Security numbers and other personal information on 143 million consumers and bungling the response.

One caller asked how to freeze her credit.  Good question.  Brian Krebs, in his Krebs on Security blog, has a great writeup on how to do this.

Take a look here for Brian’s writeup on what everyone should know about the Equifax breach.  And here is a post from 2015 with information on freezing credit.

That’s not a typo above.  It’s from 2015.  The Equifax breach is nothing new and our Social Security numbers and other information have been up for sale for a long time.  The system has been broken for many years and maybe now we’ll finally do something about it.

I’ve griped enough about this mess.  I have some ideas to fix the system.  Here is a video presentation I put together.  Meantime, here’s our in-studio interview.

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