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NEXT Crown College 2024 – Online Threats

This presentation is from the NEXT Crown College 2024 conference for church youth leaders in Saint Bonifacius, Minnesota‎, Saturday, March 2, 2024.

Social media and other online sources inundate us with viral lies, grooming, and bullying. How do we recognize it ourselves and how do we teach students to deal with it?

We ran into a cell phone glitch capturing the first couple minutes, so I improvised a version of the first couple minutes from home the next day. The last few minutes also have some recording rough spots.

Here is the blog post and video I mentioned about how I would find victims if I were an online predator.

Here are links to the great non-fiction books I mentioned:

And see my newest novel, Trafficking U, available wherever books are sold.

Thanks to the NEXT Crown College 2024 conference staff for inviting me.