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WCCO AM 830 with John Hines, Monday, April 9, 2018; Panera Bread, [24], and Spectre/Meltdown

We talked about Panera Bread and the problem with [24] (the name of the company and website really is Bracket 24 Bracket 7 dot ai) that hammered Delta, Sears, Best Buy, and probably other companies that used [24] chat services.  Go online to buy, say, a camera, chat with a [24] chatbot, lose your credit card number.

Panera Bread took eight, count ’em, eight months to deal with its problem and it only did so after Krebs on Security reported on it. And the [24] guys took five months to deal with their problem and even then, only generated a weenie press release.

For business or political decision-makers, I distilled everything you need to know about Internet security down to a six word rhyme.  Here it is:  Care and share to be prepared.  I put it all in two blog posts.  See part one and part two.

We also touched on Spectre/Meltdown.  See my Spectre/Meltdown mini-seminar for more.

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