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WCCO AM 830 with Cory Hepola, Tuesday, July 20, 2021; Chinese cyberattacks, Israeli Spyware, and COVID Antivax Lies

This week, we figured out the Chinese attacked Microsoft Exchange a few months ago. Duh! Why is this news? The Chinese have been attacking us for decades. And we’ve known about Pegasus – the Israeli spyware – for three years. Why is it in the news again this week? We should be talking about COVID antivax lies flying around the internet. Bad guys are winning the information war while millions of Americans play Russian Roulette with their lives because idiots in nice suits tell them the COVID vaccines are part of a liberal conspiracy to take over the world.

Too many friends and extended family believe COVID antivax lies like these are the gospel truth. Some will pay with their lives.

  • Lie – The FDA never approved any of the vaccines. (This is hogwash. The first emergency use authorization came shortly after the 2020 election.)
  • Lie – COVID won’t attack healthy people. (More hogwash – just look at some of the stories.)
  • Lie – The uptick in United States COVID cases comes from infected illegal immigrants. (Even if this were true – it’s not – why would anyone use this as a reason to not get vaccinated?)
  • Lie – The vaccines kill more people than they help. (More hogwash. This might be the most blatant COVID antivax lie.)

If you believe these lies, then wake up. Elvis is still dead. If you don’t buy these lies, then speak up. For everyone not vaccinated yet, put the conspiracy theories on hold for an hour and go get vaccinated. Choose to live.

After publishing this, two friends reminded me that they have autoimmune problems. They have sound medical reasons to not vaccinate and I respect their decisions.