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This is a pretty good scam against anyone operating a website. I’ll give this one a B+. Your website violates my copyright. Click here to find out what you violated. If you don’t fix it, I’ll sue you for $zillions.

It knocks me off balance and makes me mad and curious at the same time. And it’s an official notification. What copyright could I have possibly violated? I just gotta click the link to find out.

Don’t. It’s a fake. Follow the link and somebody will own you. Don’t phall for this phishing scam.

For more phishing samples, see my phish collection.

This phishing scam wants me to believe I violated somebody's copyright.

Phishing attacks tend to come in waves with lots of copycats. This one is no different. I’ve never heard of Xero, Inc. in the screen shot above, but everyone who builds websites has heard of Mailchimp below. Should I be scared now?

Another copyright attack. This one says it's from Mailchimp. Oooooh. I'm shaking in my boots.