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This clickbait caught me. For more phishing samples, see my phishy email collection.

I’ve seen several Headline USA pieces recently. I’ve also been in the middle of several heated discussions about 2020 election myths. And so the banner in this email lulled me into letting my guard down. Did the NY Times really print that Dr. Fauci said the coronavirus is not a big deal? I had to click the link to find out.

I should have paid more attention. I’ll give it a B+ because it manipulated me into clicking on the link. Fortunately for me, it was just a clickbait ad with no malicious payload. I’ll paste the clickbait ad below.

Care and share to be prepared. Learn from my mistake. Don’t phall for phishing. Do share lessons you learn. Even the embarrassing ones.

The Headline USA banner with references to Dr. Fauci and the NY Times manipulated me into falling for a clickbait phishing scam.

Here is where the link landed. Clickbait engineered to exploit strong feelings.