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UFO flight path, Dec. 10, 1989, the night I saved our planet from alien invaders.
UFO flight path, Dec. 10, 1989

Every detail of this story is true. By the time you finish reading this, you’ll thank me for saving our planet from alien invaders. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

It was Dec. 10, 1989, around 11:30 PM US Central time. I was outside our house with our dogs when I looked up in the night sky and saw a bright object traveling North to South. It was silent and too high for an airplane. I watched for several minutes as it passed directly overhead.

The object stopped about 70 degrees up from due south. It stayed there for a few seconds, and then moved to the Northeast. The flight pattern looked like a sideways V, but with the right part of the V veering to the East. It continued roughly Northeast curving East, becoming fainter and fainter and redder and redder until it finally disappeared. The whole episode took about 40 minutes.

Other than a helicopter, I know of no flying object that can stop on one point and reverse direction like that. And this was no helicopter. It was too high. And it was silent.

I called the nearest air traffic control center in Farmington, Minnesota. They weren’t tracking anything. And I called the local police. It wasn’t like I wanted the police to fly up in a spaceship and arrest these guys. I just wanted to report a sighting so it would be documented somewhere.

That’s it, that’s the whole story.

Except for the part where I saved our planet. When these guys flew overhead, they looked down and saw me looking up. It was a clear night and if they have technology to fly across space to our planet, they surely have technology to look down at me looking up. So they saw me looking up and decided it was time to leave. They’d been spotted. And, so they fired up the afterburners and flew away.

They probably thought I was a mighty earth warrior. And that leads to the first lesson from my experience. What you bring to the fight counts, but what the other guy thinks you bring to the fight counts more.

I learned another lesson from this experience. If you call the UFO hotline expecting an answering machine and a live person answers, don’t start by saying, “Oh wow, a live human answered the phone!” The UFO hotline people might get the wrong idea.

I worked for a large computer company in those days. I did the tech demos so sales people could close $zillion sales and earn luxury award trips. We were getting ready for a major presentation the next day and I told the story about my UFO sighting to our internal group. After I finished, Larry Z, the sales manager looked at me over the top of his glasses and said, “Greg, I believe you. But do me a favor and don’t talk about that when the customer gets here, okay?”

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Fuzzy Circle in Space

I’ve seen other UFOs over the years. On June 22, 2015, between 10:45 and 11:00 PM US Central time, I saw an expanding white fuzzy circle in orbit, maybe 1/2 to one inch in diameter to my naked eye at first. It looked similar to this picture, but the edges were more jagged.

If 90 degrees is straight overhead, this object flew about 80 degrees overhead looking due West. Ten to fifteen minutes later, the object was due North, six or seven inches in diameter to my naked eye, and barely visible above the horizon.

I called the FAA center in Farmington, MN. again. They weren’t tracking anything. This time, the local police said an object in space was out of their jurisdiction and they would not even document it.

Maybe a satellite exploded and gasses and material expanded outward as the whole thing moved in orbit. That would explain the fuzzy edges and expanding size. And white colored because it reflected white light.

Or maybe it was alien invaders again and this time their spaceship blew up. Serves ’em right. Never mess with us earthlings.

Star Crossed Objects

Another time, around 4:55 AM US Central time on August 4, 2015, I saw two objects cross in space. The first moved South to North, maybe 45 degrees up from the western horizon. And then another one flew North to South just a little lower relative to the horizon. If due North is 360 or 0 degrees, and due West is 270 degrees, they crossed at about 290 degrees West Northwest. The Southbound object faded from view a couple seconds later. The Northbound object stayed visible for a few more seconds before fading out of sight. The whole thing lasted about fifteen seconds. If these were alien invaders, they needed a better plan.

Alien Invaders?

I don’t know if there are little green men or not. And if alien invaders really wanted to invade our planet, they probably would have done it by now. But when people speculate about whether there’s life out there, I vote yes.

Meanwhile, if anyone wants to give me the keys to the city or needs a grand marshal in a July 4 parade, I’m available. Because that’s what superheroes do when we’re not saving the planet from alien invaders.