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A few people from the Bullseye Breach and Virus Bomb Incidents

I was able to get a recording of a cabinet meeting of a hostile nation planning an attack against the United States. I also interviewed a few people around the world caught up in the Bullseye Breach and Virus Bomb incidents. Some have fascinating stories and gave me permission to share them.

Good guys

Jerry Barkley: Bald-headed, middle-aged independent IT contractor; just trying to earn a living for his family, near St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Real superheroes are normal people who step up. Even when they don’t want to.

Jesse Jonsen: AKA Teena Fay from Green Bay; Senior Fraud Analyst on a mission to take down criminals, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (Only in Bullseye Breach)

Joanne Gittens: #meToo pioneer and Senior Malware Analyst with Saphas Antivirus, Abingdon, UK. (Only in the Virus Bomb incident)

Bad guys

Fake News Proposal: How a hostile nation planned to use fake news over the internet to cripple the United States (only in the Virus Bomb incident). Taken from a recording of a special senior cabinet minister meeting.

Turlach Flanagan: AKA Livefree; Troubled Genius, Belfast, Northern Ireland. (Coming soon.)

Frank Urbino: AKA Duceml; King of email marketing, Miami, Florida, USA.

Bahir Mustafa: AKA Alma; Botnet master, Tehran, Iran. (Coming Soon.)

Wai Jiande: AKA Wongladee; email relay, no questions asked, Shanghai, China.


Fools Gold Academy: Good intentions, poor execution; near Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA. (Only in Bullseye Breach).

Regina Lopez: Central American Refugee, Laredo, Texas, USA. (Only in Bullseye Breach).