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Writing a blog post about social media mobs is bound to make people mad. But we’re tearing ourselves apart and somebody needs to call it out. May as well be me.

Let’s start with COVID-19. Forget the epidemiologists who say it started in that meat market in Wuhan, China. That’s what they want you to think.

5G cell phone signals are the real COVID-19 culprit. Here’s one of many articles. But don’t worry, I have a cure. I ran across this story about a device that counters bad 5G waves with good waves. it works without power – just set it on a shelf and it keeps the bad waves out for a radius of a few feet. But connect it to a USB slot in a computer and it has a much larger range. The sellers want $350 for it, but I did some research and found a way to build them for less cost. Just send me $300 and I’ll send you a Greg-5G-1, along with an official certificate of ownership for a bridge over the Arizona-Nevada border. Buy one for every room in the house.

But in case the 5G waves get you and you need a cure, Judy Mikovits claims the inside scoop. Doctors high up in the government created COVID-19 so they can make money from a cure they’re pretending to develop. They also taught Ebola to kill people in the 1990s. Hydroxychloroquine is the miracle COVID-19 cure; it worked with other viruses and it also works with COVID-19. Dr. Stella Immanuel said she gave it to 350 patients and they all lived. But they don’t want you to use hydroxychloroquine because they have a patent on a vaccine they plan to introduce when we’re desperate. If they can discredit hydroxychloroquine, then they will get rich quick by cashing in on their vaccine patents.

But wait – there’s more. Getting rich quick isn’t good enough.

The vaccine they want you to take is filled with microscopic nanobots. These nanobots will turn you into a zombie and subject you to mind control. They will control anyone who takes the vaccine, and once they control millions of American zombies, they will unleash horrors on the planet unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

They pressured Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and others to censor all those videos because the videos exposed them. And then they fooled social media mobs into turning censorship into a distraction to keep us from finding the real truth. The real truth is, they snookered the social media mobs, and now the social media mobs have it all wrong. I’m one of us, so pay attention to what I’m about to tell you. This is important. Listen to me, not them. I have the cure. They don’t.

In a recent study of 1000 people who ingested hydrogen hydroxide by mouth daily over a thirty day period, less than one percent died. From any cause. And anyone who died from COVID was mislabeled, which means none of the sample group died from COVID. Therefore, based on rigorous scientific analysis, the cure for COVID is hydrogen hydroxide. Consume at least eight ounces per day. Generic hydrogen hydroxide will be helpful, but I invented a chemical formula for enhanced hydrogen hydroxide. For only $10 per bottle, my enhanced hydrogen hydroxide will also wash away any nano robots from the vaccine they want you to take. Keep this in mind in case they pass a law coercing the population to take the vaccine.

That leads to masks. They want us to wear masks, but forcing us all to wear masks is really just another form of government control. If they condition us to wear masks, they will have an easier time making us take their vaccine because we will be more docile.

I’m not suggesting anyone break the law by refusing their directives. But use enhanced hydrogen hydroxide to help manage the risk of trapped germs infecting people who wear masks. Mix a liberal quantity of enhanced hydrogen hydroxide with soap, scrub vigorously, and then rinse with generic hydrogen hydroxide. Generic hydrogen hydroxide is fine for rinsing, but washing works best with enhanced hydrogen hydroxide. Also note, this procedure is only effective with cloth masks.

Finally, here is a video they would prefer you don’t see. It took me a while to figure out that it’s satire. “Gate 5G” should have been my first clue. But I missed it. I had to read the first few comments. I would not have figured it out on my own. I had never heard of Blaire Erskine and I thought she was telling a real story. And that may be the saddest commentary of all.

Anyone wearing a lab-coat can make a video and zip it around the planet these days. That doesn’t mean we should lose our critical thinking skills. We don’t need to join social media mobs.

Make the right decision. Buy plenty of enhanced hydrogen hydroxide. Keep coming back for more. And don’t forget to pick up your very own Greg-5G-1. Don’t delay, buy today, keep those 5G waves and nanobots away.

With apologies to Jonathan Swift.