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This came in via my website contact form. And so, unless I believe the email address the sender left in the web form, it really is anonymous. If I wanted to badly enough, I could find the IP Address of the person who filled out my contact form and beg their ISP to help me track them down. Who knows, maybe they didn’t bother to proxy themselves.

But anyway, woo-hoo! If I send $15,000 to an anonymous bitcoin address, $45,000 will come back. Guaranteed, because, well, they say so. In writing. Boy oh boy, that helps alleviate my suspicions!

I do have a question. If you can fudge in any email address you want – it’s just a web form – why fudge in an email address from the Czech Republic? If I were Vladimir Putin and these guys applied for a job with me, I would probably say nyet.

I was going to give this an F because there’s just so much wrong with the pitch. But maybe not. Maybe it’s brazen enough to catch a few people who will be too embarrassed to report it. I’ll give it a D-.